About me

Hi! This is my website.

I'm 18 and a student, currently studying human medicine at the Medical University of Vienna in Austria.

You might know me from Stack Overflow; I occasionally check the Kotlin tag for any interesting questions and answers, or to see if I might be able to help someone out once in a while.

I've done work on various projects in my free time, such as a job processing and event handling system for Kotlin. I've also written a summary of the GDPR (CC-BY-SA) that may be helpful.

You can view an overview of what I can do and a more comprehensive list of projects I've worked on, as well as my (abridged) résumé, if that's why you're here.

Personal information

Citizenship🇺🇸 United States of America, 🇦🇹 Republic of Austria
Languages🇬🇧 English (native), 🇩🇪 German (fluent)


As I've spent most of my life on the move, I have lived and had quite a bit of experience in various places around the world. Perhaps as a consequence of this, I enjoy trying to learn new languages.



I work primarily on Unix operating systems (Linux, macOS) as the quality of the tooling is simply unbeatable. Of course, I've used Windows fairly frequently regardless, because there's still enough software out there that unfortunately isn't entirely Unix-friendly. Fortunately, however, that's not as much of an issue nowadays as it used to be.